B. W. Hammer: Panegyric

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R. E. Buchanan, Henry Gilman, M. Mortensen, E. G. Hastings, H. C. Horneman, H. Macy, W. A. Cordes, A. H. White, E. H. Parfitt, H. C. Olson, R. V. Hussong, G. H. Wilster, Chris Jensen, F. H. Herzer, N. E. Fabricius, C. B. Lane, N. S. Golding, H. W. Bryant, Henry C. Hansen, E. F. Goss, H. A. Bendixen, G. Malcolm Trout, J. B. Stine, D. R. Theophilus, T. J. Claydon, A. C. Fay, W. B. Sarles, M. W. Yale, H. F. Long, Harry H. Weiser, Michael B. Michaelian & F. Eugene Nelson
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Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine

Iowa State College wishes to felicitate Dr. Hammer upon the completion of 25 years of service and to insist that what he has thus far accomplished may be but the merest fraction of what he will still be able to accomplish.

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