Academic High Altitude Conference

academic high altitude conference

The Stratospheric Ballooning Association, in partnership with Iowa State University, hosts all of our conference papers in this digital repository. The Academic High Altitude Conference (AHAC) is an annual conference that is run in coordination with the Stratospheric Ballooning Association, Iowa State University, and the Iowa Space Grant Consortium. The conference focuses on high-altitude balloons for STEM education, research, and technology development.

This digital repository also stores special event conferences (like the Between Eclipses Remote Conference) and is open to the public.

International Interactive Symposium on Ultra-High Performance Concrete

international interactive symposium on ultra-high performance concrete A journal.

International Textile and Apparel Association Annual Conference Proceedings

international textile and apparel association annual conference proceedings

ITAA is a professional, educational association composed of scholars, educators, and students in the textile, apparel, and merchandising disciplines in higher education. ITAA welcomes professionals employed in those fields who wish to join with members of the Association in the pursuit of knowledge, interchange of ideas, and dissemination of knowledge through meetings, special events, and publications.

The International Textile and Apparel Association promotes the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge and is a primary resource for its members in strengthening leadership and service to society.

Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity

iowa state conference on race and ethnicity The Thomas L. Hill Iowa State Conference on Race and Ethnicity (ISCORE) is a comprehensive forum on issues of race and ethnicity at Iowa State University and beyond. The local conference is designed to model the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education (NCORE).This site presents an archive of presentations given at ISCORE, and will soon include abstracts of all presentations dating back to the first ISCORE conference. Slides, handouts, and other conference materials are available for download when available.

Iowa State University U.S. Latino/a Studies Program 25 Year Anniversary Symposium: Digital Proceedings

iowa state university u.s. latino/a studies program 25 year anniversary symposium: digital proceedings These proceedings include videos of panel sessions from the U.S. Latino/a Studies Program 25 Year Anniversary Symposium at Iowa State University, held on September 28, 2019. The symposium celebrates the 25th anniversary of the U.S. Latino/a Studies Program at Iowa State University and features work being done on the Iowa State campus by and about the Latino/a/x communities.

MAC Annual Meeting Presentations

mac annual meeting presentations This site provides presenters at the annual meeting of the Midwest Archives Conference with an opportunity to share their slides and other presentation materials with meeting attendee and the public.

Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Proceedings

pronunciation in second language learning and teaching proceedings A journal.

Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation

review of progress in quantitative nondestructive evaluation Quantitative nondestructive evaluation (QNDE) is a highly interdisciplinary technology that involves the use of various techniques to detect both manufacturing and service related flaws in materials and structures which are important to safety in essentially all industries. The Annual Review is a week-long technical meeting in which both advances in fundamental knowledge and new engineering applications in several measurement technologies—ultrasonics, eddy currents,X-rays, thermosonics and thermography, among others—are reported and discussed. For more than four decades, the QNDE Conference has been identified as the world's leading research/engineering conference in this specialized engineering field.


safepork The SafePork (International Symposium on the Epidemiology and Control of Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards in Pigs and Pork) conference series began in 1996 to bring together international researchers, industry, and government agencies to discuss current Salmonella research and identify research needs pertaining to both pig and pork production. In subsequent years topics of research presented at these conferences expanded to include other chemical and biological hazards to pig and pork production.

Sustainability in Fashion

sustainability in fashion

The Regent's University London and International Textile and Apparel Association Joint Conference brought together leading figures in higher education and community/business partners to explore in-depth topics and challenges facing today’s fashion and its sustainable future. The conference featured engaging industry speakers and cutting edge research presentations on sustainability in fashion.

SUS-RURI: Proceedings of a workshop on developing a convergence sustainable urban systems agenda for redesigning the urban-rural interface along the Mississippi River watershed held in Ames, Iowa, August 12–13, 2019.

sus-ruri: proceedings of a workshop on developing a convergence sustainable urban systems agenda for redesigning the urban-rural interface along the mississippi river watershed held in ames, iowa, august 12–13, 2019. A journal.

Technology for Second Language Learning

technology for second language learning The papers in this volume report research investigating the potentials, uses, and implications of AI technologies for language learning, teaching, assessment, and research. They were presented at the 20th anniversary Technology for Second Language Learning conference whose theme, “Advancing Technologies—Expanding Research,” signifies the provocation felt in applied linguistics to expand research in the face of continuously advancing language technologies. The papers in this volume of selected contributions from the conference illustrate some of the responses mounted by applied linguists in response to the unprecedented public display of language generation capacities observed over the previous eleven months due to open AI. Speakers at the conference acknowledged the significance of this moment in the trajectory of the field of applied linguistics.
applied linguistics