The Iowa State University Digital Press, a unit of the Iowa State University Library, aims to publish high quality scholarship in areas reflected in Iowa State's curricular and research offerings, tell stories of Iowa and the Midwest, and diversify the voices in the scholarly record.

In support of Iowa State University's land-grant mission to spread knowledge beyond campus walls, the Iowa State University Digital Press aims to:

  • Facilitate broad dissemination of knowledge through Open Access publishing and promotion;
  • Provide increased opportunities for Iowa State University faculty, students, and staff to share their research;
  • Publish quality scholarship in alignment with the university's curricular and research strengths; and
  • Diversify the voices, identities, and perspectives represented in the scholarly record.
Recipient of the 2023 Library Publishing Coalition Publishing Practice Award in Innovation for Kelly L. Reddy Best's Dress, Appearance, and Diversity in U.S. Society.