Capital and Credit Needs in a Changing Agriculture

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E. L. Baum, Howard G. Diesslin, Earl O. Heady, Kenneth L. Bachman, Glenn L. Johnson, Leland G. Allbaugh, Joseph Ackerman, R. G. F. Spitze, George K. Brinegar, Lee R. Martin, Dale E. Hathaway, William H. Scofield, Glen T. Barton, Lawrence A. Jones, Ronald L. Mighell, Philip M. Raup, John C. Redman, William C. Murray, Ernest T. Baughman, John M. Wetmore, William E. Hendrix, Ben T. Lanham, Jr., Russell C. Engberg, John A. Hopkin, R. B. Tootell, Charles N. Shepardson, G. L. Johnson, Lewis K. Zerby, Joe M. Bohlen, George M. Beal, Arthur J. Coutu, Quentin W. Lindsey, Arthur B. Mackie, Roger C. Woodworth, J. W. Fanning, W. B. Back, Verner G. Hurt, C. B. Baker, George D. Irwin, J. H. Yeager & George S. Tolley
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Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine
The symposium and the contents of this book are directed toward agricultural workers who are conducting research and educational activities in the land-grant colleges, public agencies, and credit agencies. The ideas have been developed in five closely related subject matter categories: (1) capital and credit in economic growth, (2) changing capital structure in agriculture, (3) credit market and institutions, (4) values and education in relation to capital use and productivity, and (5) selected research for improving use and productivity of capital and credit. They are presented in the interest of stimulating further research and educational activities on agricultural capital and credit problems as they are related to agricultural development.

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