Farm Goals in Conflict: Family Farm, Income, Freedom, Security

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Earl O. Heady, Don F. Hadwiger, Edwin O. Haroldson, Lee Burchinal, Shirley E. Greene, George H. Speltz, Willard W. Cochrane, W. E. Hamilton, Gilbert Rohde, Herschel D. Newsom, Robert J. Lampman, Oren Lee Staley, Henry A. McCanna, Edward W. O'Rourke, J. B. Claar, Tyler Thomas, Kenneth E. Boulding, Robin M. Williams, Andrew Hacker & E. W. Hofstee
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Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine

Proceedings of the second Conference on Goals and Values in Agricultural Policy (Iowa State University, Ames, IA, February 1963).

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