Heterosis: A Record of Researches Directed Toward Explaining and Utilizing the Vigor of Hybrids

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John W. Gowen, Conway Zirkle, George Harrison Shull, H. K. Hayes, M. M. Rhoades, R. A. Brink, W. Gordon Whaley, William J. Robbins, Edgar Anderson, William L. Brown, Adriano A. Buzzati-Traverso, Harold H. Smith, Paul C. Mangelsdorf, Sterling Emerson, Th. Dobzhansky, Donald F. Jones, M. R. Irwin, Carl C. Lindegren, H. H. Plough, James F. Crow, Leroy Powers, A. J. Mangelsdorf, Gordon E. Dickerson, C. R. Henderson, L. M. Winters, E. L. Pinnell, E. H. Rinke, Sherret S. Chase, G. F. Sprague, E. J. Wellhausen, Fred H. Hull, R. E. Comstock & H. F. Robinson
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Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine

John W. Gowen. Heterosis. Ames, IA: Iowa State College Press, 1952.

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