Agricultural Adjustment Problems in a Growing Economy

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Earl O. Heady, Joseph Ackerman, Howard G. Diesslin, Harald R. Jensen, Glenn L. Johnson, Lynn S. Robertson, Sherman E. Johnson, Glen T. Barton, Norman R. Collins, George L. Mehren, Willard W. Cochrane, James T. Bonnen, William A. Cromarty, Cecil B. Haver, D. Gale Johnson, C. E. Bishop, Vernon W. Ruttan, Ernest J. Nesius, G. E. Brandow, C. B. Baker, W. Robert Parks, Kenneth H. Parsons & Harold G. Halcrow
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Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine

This book includes the papers presented at a conference on"Adjusting Commercial Agriculture to Economic Growth," sponsored by the North Central Farm Management Research Committee in cooperation with the Farm Foundation. This conference, held March 18-19, 1957, was designed to cover the major aspects of the current farm problem, and to bring together outstanding agricultural economists in the various fields discussed.

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