Flora of Alaska and Adjacent Parts of Canada: An Illustrated Descriptive Text of All Vascular Plants Known To Occur Within the Region Covered

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Jacob Peter Anderson
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Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine

Throughout most of his adult life, Jacob Peter Anderson devoted his major energies to the study of the Alaskan flora. His ultimate objective was to provide a usable Flora of Alaska, The Yukon Territory and the Northwest Territories west of Hudson's Bay. During the years 1942–53, while he was resident at Iowa State, he published nine fascicles of a preliminary version of this Flora, covering only Alaska, the Yukon Basin, and northwestern British Columbia. At the time of his death, Dr. Anderson was working on a revision of his Flora, to include the territory between Alaska and Hudson's Bay.

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    Jan. 1, 1959 Iowa State University Press 543 10.31274/isudp.1959.1

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