Ontology-Driven Processing of Transdisciplinary Domain Knowledge

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Oleksandr Palagin, Mykola Petrenko, Sergii Kryvyi, Mykola Boyko & Kyrylo Malakhov
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Engineering and Technology

The monograph discusses certain aspects of modern real-world problems facing humanity, which are much more challenging than scientific ones. Modern science is unable to solve them in a fundamental way. Vernadsky’s noosphere thesis, in fact, appeals to the scientific worldview that needs to be built in a way that overcomes the interdisciplinary barriers and increases the effectiveness of interdisciplinary interaction and modern science overall. We are talking about the general transdisciplinary knowledge. In world practice, there is still no systematic methodology and a specific form of generally accepted valid scientific theory that would provide transdisciplinary knowledge. Non-linear interdisciplinary interaction is the standard of evolution of modern science. At the same time, a new transdisciplinary theory (domain of scientific research) is being de facto created and the process is repeated many times: from an individual or group of disciplines, through interdisciplinary interaction, in a direction that brings us closer to creating a holistic general scientific worldview.

The text of this book is in Ukrainian.

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    July 14, 2023 Iowa State University Digital Press 189 978-1-958291-06-1 10.31274/isudp.2023.140
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