Garden of Dreams

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Jinyoul Ko, Kunhui Kim, Daejin Kim, Sunmi Kim, Jiyoun Yoo, Sunmi Lee, Jiyeong I, Myunghee Cho & Michelle Lee
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This book was created by the group of Changing the Gap Parents Book Club, happened in Ames, Iowa in 2020. We first developed the idea of the Korean parents’ book club came by the research findings that parents are the main Heritage culture provider for immigrant children, but the first-generation parents of immigrant youth have difficulty accessing and understanding second-generation children’s experience in or out of USA schools due to language barriers and cultural differences. Particularly, Korean immigrant parents, those from one of the least diverse countries in the world, tend to have a shortage of authentic knowledge and experience of racial, cultural and linguistic diversity. In this book club, the Korean parents read children’s books about diversity and Korean Americans and went forward to create a story that Korean American children can make a good connection with. This book is full of the parents’ efforts to make connections to their children and full of the parents’ hearts to support all Asian American students to grow their true dreams no matter what obstacles they encounter.

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    Oct. 5, 2020 Ames Korean School 24

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