Military Medicine: Methods of Control, Improvement in Individual Combat Readiness and Telerehabilitation of Military Personnel

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Illya Chaikovsky, Viktor Dykhanovskyi, Kyrylo Malakhov & Michael Bocharov
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Engineering and Technology

The monograph focuses on the challenges of assessing the individual operational readiness of soldiers to perform a military task. The authors proceeded from the fact that the psycho-emotional state of a soldier is one of the decisive factors that affect the success of the military task during the stay in combat conditions. This is confirmed by the combat experience of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in joint operations, and especially after the start of a large-scale invasion by Russia.

One of the most effective solutions in providing medical rehabilitation care is patient-centered remote rehabilitation—hybrid e-rehabilitation, which requires: online facilities for telediagnosis, telemetry and intervention based on patient capabilities, advanced Internet interaction, intelligent information technologies and services, effective methods of cognitive support in the “Physical therapist–Patient–Multidisciplinary team” system, statistical processing of large amounts of information, etc. Therefore, along with traditional methods of rehabilitation, a patient-centered Smart system of telemedicine support for hybrid e-rehabilitation activities (as part of the UkrVectōrēs and vHealth services) has been developed.

The text of this monograph is in Ukrainian and English.

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    March 2, 2023 Iowa State University Digital Press 151 978-1-958291-04-7 10.31274/isudp.2023.128
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