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  • Taichi Yamashita (Iowa State University)

Abstract ( is designed for L2 learners of English to self-study several aspects of English outside classroom. It was developed by American ESL teachers at Aichi Institute of Technology in Japan, namely Charles Kelly and Lawrence Kelly. This teacher-made website explicitly states that it is intended for people learning English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Also, it is non-commercial and free for users. The website provides multiple sections, such as English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families, Jokes, Vocabulary Lists with Games and Puzzles, Matching Quizzes, Pronunciation, Daily Listen & Repeat, Grammar, and Listen & Read Along. Each section prefers a certain device (e.g. mobile, tablet), and the website lists the preferable device for every section. According to the description, out of 100 sections available as of December 2016, 58 are promised to work in mobile, 38 in tablet, two in computer with Flash, two in computer with Java, and there are no sections that work in computer with RealAudio. The website says that those that work in mobile and tablet will work on standard computers. Among such variety, the platform that is reviewed in this paper is the section for pronunciation learning ( Henceforth, the term website in this paper refers to the pronunciation section.

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Yamashita, T., (2016) “ (Review)”, Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Proceedings 8(1).

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Published on
31 Dec 2016