Prominence and Information Structure in Pronunciation Teaching Materials

  • John M. Levis (Iowa State University)
  • Alif O. Silpachai (Iowa State University)


Prominence is marking of particular syllables as salient in English speech. This marking is accomplished by the pitch, duration and intensity of the voice, and is multi-functional in English. Prominence is the target of increasing research both in regard to its form and its functions Prominence is also one of the most commonly taught suprasegmental features included in published pronunciation materials, and it is uniformly seen by pronunciation researchers as critical to intelligibility. The linguistic and pedagogical research on prominence, however, has diverged, and very little theoretical research is reflected in pronunciation teaching materials. This paper examines what current research shows about the form and functions of prominence in English, describes how prominence is represented in teaching materials, and suggests areas of current research that can profitably be applied to teaching materials.

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Levis, J. M. & Silpachai, A. O., (2017) “Prominence and Information Structure in Pronunciation Teaching Materials”, Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Proceedings 9(1).

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Published on
31 Dec 2017