A Look Back to Move Forward: Expanding Queer Potentiality in Family Science

  • Josh L. Boe (University of Georgia)
  • Lorien S. Jordan (Mercer University)


The inclusion of queer theory in family sciences is still a recent phenomenon. In this paper, we situate queer theory’s original integration into the field using Oswald, Blume, and Marks’ essay on decentering heteronormativity. We offer critiques and challenges to extend beyond the current conceptualization and provide a promise of queer theory in family science that envisions new queer possibilities to emerge. We contend that the queer promise must extend beyond mere LGBT studies and invite family scholars to consider how queer theory can be used to deconstruct and resist a normative frame of family. Specifically, we encourage scholars to examine the utopian demand of reproductive futurity, queer temporalities, and a needed analysis of homonormativity. We conclude with a discussion of barriers to such a queer promise.

Keywords: Family Science, Heteronormativity, Queer Studies, Queer Family Science, Queer Theory

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Boe, J. L. & Jordan, L. S., (2019) “A Look Back to Move Forward: Expanding Queer Potentiality in Family Science”, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis 8(2), 62-74. doi:

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Published on
16 Nov 2019