About Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis

The Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis is a peer-reviewed online journal that provides a space for emerging scholars, educators, and activists to engage in critical and progressive inter/transdisciplinary scholarship and dialogue that supports awareness of social justice issues and challenges individuals to move towards advocacy and concrete engagement with social justice movements. JCTP is also committed to providing all authors with developmental feedback that helps clarify, sharpen, and communicate ideas and arguments in a manner accessible to a broad social justice community. 

Interdisciplinary Statement 

As a journal, we center interdisciplinary research in order to challenge our mindsets, thus expanding our purview and comfort levels as we contest inequities. We believe that education is vital to democracy and engaged citizenship. Yet we know that education, democracy, and citizenship cannot be isolated from engineering, humanities, the arts, agriculture, science, politics, or the many other fields of study. The term interdisciplinary comes from the Latin language: inter, for “in between”, and disciplina, for teaching or knowledge (vocabulary.com). By building relationships across fields, and combining theories, methods, and techniques from different fields, we intend to make academia more inclusive and advance critical thought. In order to step outside traditional research paradigms and disrupt the status quo, we challenge ourselves, our authors, and our readers to expand our mindset; this is a process that should be sought out, revered, and respected within scholarship.   

Featured Articles

Angeline Dean

Black Bodies/Whiteness Infringed-Yet Still We Rise

Atasi Das, LaToya Strong, Susan McCullough, Jennifer D. Adams

Developing Political Activity as if the World is on Fire

Lilly Padia, Rachel E Traxler

(Special) Education is Political; (Special) Education is Social Justice

Kerry Cormier

The Influence of the Language of Courts on Educational Opportunities for Students with Disabilities

Riley Drake, Alicia Oglesby

Humanity is Not a Thing: Disrupting white Supremacy in K-12 Social Emotional Learning

Evelyn U Ezikwelu

Institutional Racism and Campus Racial Climate: Struggles for Sense of Belonging and Academic Success Among Black Students in the K-12 Public Schools

Nicholas Francis Havey

Radicalized on Campus? (Un)Coded Whiteness as Campus Social Movement

Nicole L Hacker, Eric Bellmore

“The Trump Effect”: How Does it Impact International Student Enrollment in U.S. Colleges?

Jesslyn Roebuck Hollar

Brokering Inequity: Knowledge Distribution as Policy Limitation

Ming Yin

Opportunity for Whom? Understanding Curriculum-Oriented Out-of-School Time Math Learning

Matthew James Shackley

Economy and STEM Education Policy: Towards a Bidirectional STEM Pipeline

Hind Alharbi

Review of Developing Teacher Leaders in Special Education: An Administrator’s Guide to Building Inclusive Schools