Poster Presentation

Vanderbilt’s Eclipse High Altitude Balloon

  • Adam Jarrell (Vanderbilt University)


Vanderbilt University participated in the Eclipse Ballooning Project. After a year of testing and refining a set of high altitude ballooning packages, the project culminated in launching the packages into the August 21st, 2015 total solar eclipse. In addition to the standard payload provided by the project leaders, multiple other packages unique to Vanderbilt were flown that included an environmental monitoring package and an amateur radio repeater. The environmental package purpose was to log the environment during the eclipse, and the repeater provided HAMS in the southeastern region an opportunity to communicate long range over VHF/UHF bands. The construction of the two packages will be detailed, as well as the logistical challenges and the results of the flight.

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Jarrell, A., (2017) “Vanderbilt’s Eclipse High Altitude Balloon”, Academic High Altitude Conference 2017(1). doi:



Published on
27 Oct 2017