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Cosmic Ray Measurements A Proposed, Collaborative, Balloon Based Experiment

  • Gordon McIntosh (University of Minnesota, Morris)


Ionizing radiation is commonly measured on ba lloon flights using Geiger Mueller (GM) tubes. More sophisticated measurements have also been made using multiple GM tubes and coincidence circuits. Such a measuring apparatus is sometimes known as a cosmic ray (CR) telescope. I propose a coordinated experiment to use CR telescopes, launched at various locations around the country to measure CR flux during balloon flights. The flights would occur twice a year (fall and spring) within a few days of each other beginning in the fall of 2012 and continuing through the sunspot maximum (early 2013) to the next sunspot minimum (2018). The experimenters will share the results and examine the data for the effects of altitude, geomagnetic latitude, and sunspot number on CR flux. The telescopes will be calibrated at the local institution before and after the launch in order to normalize count rates. This paper reviews available observational information . The theoretical background will be developed and presented in the future as expertise is developed

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McIntosh, G., (2012) “Cosmic Ray Measurements A Proposed, Collaborative, Balloon Based Experiment”, Academic High Altitude Conference 2012(1), 133–142. doi: https://doi.org//ahac.8340



Published on
27 Jun 2012
Peer Reviewed