Experiences with Ready Mixed UHPC for Strengthening of Concrete Structures

  • Robert Coufal (TBG Metrostav s.r.o.)
  • Lukáš Vráblík (Czech Technical University in Prague)
  • David Čítek orcid logo (Czech Technical University in Prague)


UHPC is widely used for new structures, joints for precast elements as well as for strengthening of old concrete structures. UHPC for these purposes is usually mixed from dry mixes on the building site. This paper focuses on experiences from strengthening works, done with ready mixed UHPC delivered on building sites by truck mixers. The first part is a summary of the results from the research project. This research project was focused on the quality of the existing concrete surface and the connection between the old concrete structure and the new strengthening layer made of UHPC. This connection was directly tested by strength in tension on small samples as well as on large scale experiments. Strengthened slabs were tested by bending and by punching and columns in compression. The main part of the paper focuses on two projects in which UHPC was used for strengthening and where the results from the research project were used. For UHPC quality control on the second project the new code TP ČBS 07 was used. This code, made and published by Czech Concrete Society, has been valid in the Czech Republic since 2022. These two projects and experiences from construction are introduced. The first project is a small bridge reconstruction in Meziboří, where UHPC was used for strengthening of the bridge abutments. The ready mixed UHPC was transported from a concrete plant over a distance of nearly 70 miles, but especially for small project like this (14 yd3) it is a very effective solution. The second project is the strengthening of the bridge deck of Barrandov bridge in Prague. For this project about 400 yd3 of ready mixed UHPC was used, transported by truck mixers from a concrete plant over a distance of nearly 9 miles.

Keywords: UHPC, strengthening, abutment, bridge deck, ready mixed UHPC

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Published on
03 Jun 2023
Peer Reviewed