Sterkiana was a privately published journal initiated by Dr. Joseph Alfred Aurèle La Rocque, known as Aurèle La Rocque, in the Department of Geology, Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio and the first issue was published in November 1959. This journal was named in honor of the malacologist Dr. Victor Sterki who is best known for his work on Sphaeriidae, Pupillidae and Valloniidae. This journal was dedicated to publishing research on modern and fossil non-marine mollusks of the Americas and was to include articles in English, French or Spanish. It clearly stated in the Announcement that Sterkiana was not going to publish new species or higher taxa due to its limited distribution. A variety of freshwater and terrestrial mollusk papers were published as well as biographies, obituaries of malacologists and reprints of rare papers.

Open access to Sterkiana is provided by the Iowa State University Digital Press on behalf of the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society.