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Smother News or the Say Mold Story? Coke Sing Emma Cross a Notion

  • Marsha J. Chan (Sunburst Media)


Wailing’s speech lacks fluency and sounds choppy. She often pronounces words and word segments separately. In particular, she doesn’t articulate final /m/ sounds, and she doesn’t link final consonants to subsequent vowels in phrases. She is unaware of this /m/ deficit and disconnected speech, yet she is eager to learn to speak English better. With gradual and systematic scaffolding, using techniques that draw upon Wailing’s existing skills and tendencies, and supplementing with visual and audio aids, including video clips, this multi-step lesson brings greater perception and production; it helps in coaxing the /m/ across an ocean between words.

Keywords: connected speech

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Chan, M. J. (2019). Teaching Tip: Smother news or the say mold story? Coke sing Emma cross a notion. In J. Levis, C. Nagle, & E. Todey (Eds.), Proceedings of the 10th Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference, ISSN 2380-9566, Ames, IA, September 2018 (pp. 354-360). Ames, IA: Iowa State University.

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Published on
31 Dec 2018
Peer Reviewed