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Intonation Bridging Activities: Meaningful Practice for Final Intonation

  • Greta Muller Levis (Iowa State University)
  • John Levis (Iowa State University)


This Teaching Tip combines three variables in creating activities that both highlight this pronunciation feature (final intonation) and provide tasks demanding that language learners pay attention to something more than just the pronunciation form. The first variable is manipulation of an original task, in this case, written dialogues. The second variable involves the use of spoken language structures, especially incomplete syntactic units (e.g., Ready? Not yet.) that are commonly used in spoken conversations. The third variable includes learners' need to simultaneously decide on meaning carried by rising or falling intonation and respond to their interlocutors while both producing the appropriate language form and responding meaningfully to the other people in the dialogue.

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Muller Levis, G. & Levis, J., (2015) “Intonation Bridging Activities: Meaningful Practice for Final Intonation”, Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Proceedings 7(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2016