The Good (Digital) Life: Promoting Diverse Educational and Archival Materials through Exhibits

  • Lori Schwartz (University of Nebraska Omaha)
  • Yumi Ohira (University of Nebraska Omaha)
  • Jacqueline Mitchell (University of Nebraska Omaha)
  • Angela Kroeger (University of Nebraska Omaha)


Archivists and librarians from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) propose a poster for colleagues who promote, or would like to promote, educational and archival material through exhibits using digital platforms. It is intended for archivists and librarians who are not experts in this area and lack abundant IT support, but seek to use various technologies to expand engagement and outreach in the course of their jobs. Our content would be threefold: 1) Not all digital platforms are suitable for promotion of all types of material. Each comes with benefits and drawbacks. We will discuss our use of Omeka, Intuiface, CONTENTdm, and Sprout. What skill level was required? What were the barriers? (We will not be delving into the nuts and bolts of using these platforms.) 2) Collaboration between UNO Archives and the Creative Production Lab at Criss Library has led to enhanced exhibits. What creative technology did we use? What were the pitfalls? What benefits have both departments seen through this collaboration? 3) Digital exhibits provide an added value to events and outreach programs. How have we integrated exhibits into events? What were the roadblocks? What did we learn from audience participation?

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Schwartz, L., Ohira, Y., Mitchell, J. & Kroeger, A., (2017) “The Good (Digital) Life: Promoting Diverse Educational and Archival Materials through Exhibits”, MAC Annual Meeting Presentations 2017(1).

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Published on
07 Apr 2017