A Method for Evaluating Expert System Shells for Classroom Instruction

  • MD Salim (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Alvaro Villavicencio (University of Northern Iowa)
  • Marc A. Timmerman (Oregon Institute of Technology)


Contemporary Industrial Technology pedagogy includes the subject of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence problems are often solved by students using commercial software packages called Expert Systems Shells. This paper describes the use of a method called Function Point Analysis for the evaluation of Expert System Shells for suitability in Industrial Technology pedagogy. Two types of Function Point Analysis are described in this paper; a direct method in which the Expert System Shell software itself is evaluated and an indirect method in which only the specification of the software is evaluated. The indirect method does not require the evaluator to have an actual copy of the software being evaluated, but it gives less useful results than the direct method, which does require that the evaluator have a copy of the software. Both methods are simple and straightforward and can be used successfully by Industrial Technology educators with no specialized background in Information Technology or Software Engineering.

Keywords: administration|CAM|computer science|information technology|management

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Salim, M., Villavicencio, A. & Timmerman, M. A., (2002) “A Method for Evaluating Expert System Shells for Classroom Instruction”, Journal of Industrial Technology 19(1).

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Published on
01 Nov 2002