Three-Dimensional Printing Build Variables That Impact Cylindricity

  • Troy Ollison (University of Central Missouri)
  • Kevin Berisso (Ohio University)


Rapid prototyping (RP) technologies have become more than just a fast and inexpensive way to produce prototypes. Today RP is widely used to produce functional prototypes, end-use parts and tooling as well as visual prototypes. When RP is used for end-use parts with interconnected moving assemblies or for producing metal casting molds which must have sufficient material for machining tolerances, accuracy is very critical. However, in general, accuracy of the finished RP parts is relatively low compared to parts produced by traditional manufacturing processes. The understanding of why some of these accuracy differences exist is either unknown or not well document- ed. The first step in determining this understanding is to find out the effects of process parameters on part accuracy for RP processes. The goal of this research was to determine the effects of build orientation, printhead life and the diameter of the 3D printed part on their cylindricity when using ZCast® build material with a ZCorp 310 printer. An analysis of variance (ANOVA) study was conducted using a Zeiss Contura® G2 CMM. Eleven sample batches, for a total of 132 specimens, were produced and measured. Each batch of printed parts consisted of twelve specimens of two different diameters and three different build orientations. In addition, printhead life was recorded before each of the eleven batches. During measurement, each of the 132 specimens was held in a fixture and measured at three axial levels with fifteen discrete measurement points at each level. The results of this study indicate that the build orientation was the only parameter which had a significant affect on the cylindricity of 3D printed parts using ZCast® build material.

Keywords: CAD, CAM manufacturing, materials and processes, rapid prototyping

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Ollison, T. & Berisso, K., (2010) “Three-Dimensional Printing Build Variables That Impact Cylindricity”, Journal of Industrial Technology 26(1).

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Published on
31 Dec 2009