Black Lives Matter as Resistance to Systemic Anti-Black Violence

  • Dominique Thomas (University of Michigan)


Black Lives Matter has emerged within the last five years as a significant movement for social change. Serving as an ideological and political intervention, Black Lives Matter organizes to protect and advocate for Black lives and Black communities. This article will outline Black Lives Matter as a movement and how it is a form of resistance as against systemic anti-Black violence. Centuries of Black resistance against epistemic, structural/policy, and physical violence is the historical context of Black Lives Matter. Two prominent aspects of the movement intersectionality and decentralized leadership. The implications for resistance are that BLM is a new form of activism and social movement and there is a need for properly documenting resistance in the moment to inform future movements and to prevent future epistemic violence.

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Thomas, D., (2019) “Black Lives Matter as Resistance to Systemic Anti-Black Violence”, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis 8(1), 30-45.

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Published on
22 May 2019
Peer Reviewed