Accomplices in the academy in the age of Black Lives Matter

  • Jessica Powell (Southern Connecticut State University)
  • Amber Kelly (Quinnipiac University)


While a growing number of white scholars and activists identify themselves as allies to people of color as they engage in movements to end institutional racism, others have criticized this alignment. Instead, an emerging and alternative framework calls for white scholars and activists to act as accomplices, working in solidarity with people of color within social justice and anti-racists movements. This paper discusses the differences between these two stances, with implications for white educators and scholars in the teaching and social work professions. We aim to provide a framework for moving conversations around race and justice forward, as well as highlight examples of accomplice work in scholarship, teaching, and service, from both the education and social work perspectives.

Keywords: Social Work, Education, Ally, Higher Education, Race, Accomplice

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Powell, J. & Kelly, A., (2017) “Accomplices in the academy in the age of Black Lives Matter”, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis 6(2).

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Published on
03 Apr 2017
Peer Reviewed