Welcoming Counterstory in the Primary Literacy Classroom

  • Laura B Kelly (Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus)


Counterstories are a tool used by minoritized communities to tell stories that reflect their experiences and knowledge. Counterstories challenge the stock stories and grand narratives accepted by the majority and put forth in school curriculum. As young children tend to speak openly and share their responses to literature candidly, counterstory can be a powerful tool for empowering children in the primary literacy classroom. The author reflects on her experience in primary literacy classrooms engaging children in telling their counterstories in response to children’s literature. The pedagogical promise of counterstory and ways of eliciting and welcoming counterstory in the primary literacy classroom are discussed.

Keywords: children's literature, social justice, elementary literacy

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Kelly, L. B., (2017) “Welcoming Counterstory in the Primary Literacy Classroom”, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis 6(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2017
Peer Reviewed