Dispositions for Critical Social Justice Teaching and Learning

  • Elizabeth Bondy (University of Florida)
  • Brittney Beck (University of Florida)
  • Rachelle Curcio (University of Florida)
  • Stephanie Schroeder (University of Florida)


This article examines the social justice dispositions that, when honed and developed over time, enable prospective teachers—and teacher educators—to embrace social justice praxis and persist in their everyday quest for equitable educational conditions, opportunities, and outcomes. Developed through work in a Community of Practice (CoP), these dispositions include radical openness, humility, and self-vigilance. In this article, we define each disposition and explore how they may be cultivated, enacted, and modeled in teacher education. These dispositions, we argue, serve as reminders of the unfinishedness of our work and the effort required to stay the course of equity and justice in the rough waters of the status quo.

Keywords: dispositions, social justice, teacher education

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Bondy, E., Beck, B., Curcio, R. & Schroeder, S., (2017) “Dispositions for Critical Social Justice Teaching and Learning”, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis 6(3).

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Published on
08 May 2017
Peer Reviewed