Parenting as Political Acts of Love and Resistance

  • Abby C Emerson (Teachers College, Columbia University)
  • Jacqueline M. Cofield (Teachers College, Columbia University)
  • Maureen W. Nicol (Teachers College, Columbia University)


Three motherscholars (Matias, 2011) navigating parenting, displacement, and COVID-19 while in a doctoral program, collectively write their narratives on parenting as political forms of love and resistance. Each writer comes from a different space in the world with their own cultural makeup, but common threads weave through their individual stories that demonstrate how parenting is an informal act curated by memories of the past, today’s social and political climates, and the hopes for a better future. Parenting offers those concerned with education as a fundamental human right a way in which to exercise their political voice.

Keywords: art education, collective narrative, MotherScholar, love, political, parenting, informal education

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Emerson, A. C., Cofield, J. M. & Nicol, M. W., (2021) “Parenting as Political Acts of Love and Resistance”, Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis 10(2). doi:



Published on
02 Apr 2021
Peer Reviewed