2023 • Bridging the Divide

Undergraduate Research

LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Apparel: The Impact Gender Dysphoria and Body Dysmorphia has on the LGBTQIA+ Community

Toni Reynolds and Kerri McBee-Black

2024-01-20 2023 • Bridging the Divide

Exploratory study in Attitude, Behavior, and Motivation to Cosmetic Dentistry Between Generation X and Z

Jada Paden, Caroline Kopot, Taylor Forillo and Xun (Catherine) Sun

2024-01-27 2023 • Bridging the Divide

Dressing Up for the Digital World: Consumer Motivations toward Digital Items for Avatars

Shelby Erickson, Joohye Hwang and Song-yi Youn

2024-01-21 2023 • Bridging the Divide

Designing Special Occasion Dresses with Virtual Background Using 3D CLO

Eui Young Yang

2024-01-26 2023 • Bridging the Divide

Consumers’ Responses to Virtual vs. Human Influencers: Sentiment Analysis Approach

Choco Nguyen, Hyunjoo Im, Sarah Hank, Maxwell Quinlan and Tatum Olson

2024-01-20 2023 • Bridging the Divide

Comparison of two pressure sensors used for evaluating performance of compression apparel

Harman Ugra, Camren Monteverdi, Ryan Polino, Jacob Bishop, Jennifer Buckley and Adriana Gorea

2024-01-23 2023 • Bridging the Divide

Case Study of Wrinkle Resistance with a Durable Press Finish

Megan Loth, Sofia Orbegozo, Anna Vonachen, Jess Buhr and Ui-Jeen Yu

2024-01-20 2023 • Bridging the Divide

Analyzing Auxetic Cellular Structures for Personal Protective Gear Designs

Reem Emerson and Jongeun Rhee

2024-01-27 2023 • Bridging the Divide

3D Avatars and Body Image Perception of Young Adults: An Exploratory Study

Callie Butcher, Tunmin (Catherine) Jai and Mahendran Balasubramanian

2024-01-22 2023 • Bridging the Divide

ITAA-KSCT Joint Symposium

Unveiling Influence of Irritation and Privacy Lies on Customer Choice Between Service Robots and Human Staff in Fashion Stores

Christina Soyoung Song and Seeun Kim

2023-12-31 2023 • Bridging the Divide

Unleashing the Potential: Exploring the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Fashion Design Using Midjourney

Yanbo Zhang and Chuanlan Liu

2024-01-20 2023 • Bridging the Divide

Incorporating Cotton into the Curriculum

Virginia Rolling

2024-01-20 2023 • Bridging the Divide

Application of FEA consumer needs model in real practice, e-commerce: chatbot for fashion product recommendation

Hyosun An, Sunghoon Kim and Yerim Choi

2024-01-23 2023 • Bridging the Divide