Management Economics

Consumer Attitudes Toward Manure Storage, Handling, and Application Methods

  • Sean P. Hurley (Iowa State University)
  • James B. Kliebenstein (Iowa State University)


Participants indicated a level of concern for environmental impacts and livestock production. Approximately half (46%) was very concerned, whereas 36% were somewhat concerned. In addition, most indicated they were concerned with the worker and animal environment. Only approximately half indicated they were somewhat (30%) to very (24%) concerned about farm structure. Approximately 6 in 10 indicated pasture production was a favorable livestock production system, whereas, about half (53%) indicated they were somewhat unfavorable to not favorable toward total confinement livestock production. Again, this points out the potential for niche livestock markets as well as industry information dissemination and education on the different livestock production methods. Past information dissemination/ educational efforts have tended to focus on the direct industry participants, input suppliers, and producers. It is important to realize that the ultimate stakeholders in any industry are the consumers. They, too, need to be considered in information dissemination/ educational efforts.

Keywords: ASL R684

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Hurley, S. P. & Kliebenstein, J. B., (2001) “Consumer Attitudes Toward Manure Storage, Handling, and Application Methods”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2001
Peer Reviewed