Dried Porcine Solubles and Feed Additives

  • K. Bregendahl (Iowa State University)
  • D. R. Zimmerman (Iowa State University)


Pigs were weaned at 16 to 20 days of age and fed diets containing either dried whey or 6% dried porcine solubles (DPS), partially replacing dried whey protein, and one of two combinations of feed additives (either ZnO + CSP 250 or CuSO4 + Mecadox) in a 2 × 2 factorial arrangement. The diets were fed for 2 weeks and followed by a common diet for 3 weeks. Feeding the DPS-containing diet during week 1 and 2 post-weaning improved average daily gain in week 3 after weaning (when no DPS was fed), as well as cumulative average daily gain in weeks 0 to 3. However, it tended to lessen feed utilization in week 4 and 5. Furthermore, it was shown that the combination of ZnO and CSP 250 improved growth performance over CuSO4 and Mecadox in weanlingpig diets. Neither feed-additive combination influenced the utilization of DPS.

Keywords: ASL R650

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Bregendahl, K. & Zimmerman, D. R., (2001) “Dried Porcine Solubles and Feed Additives”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2001
Peer Reviewed