Management Economics

Organic Pork Production: A Two-litter Pasture Farrow-to-Finish Budget

  • Jude M. Becker (Iowa State University)
  • Mark S. Honeyman (Iowa State University)
  • James B. Kliebenstein (Iowa State University)


The production of organic pigs and its profit potential depend on many factors. The main factors are the amount of feed required and price of feed. The amount of feed required is dependent on the genetics, management, and the health of pigs. Under organic regulations, pigs must be raised without synthetic parasite control and will probably develop parasites. This will slow the rate of gain, and increase required feed; thereby lowering feed efficiency. The price of organic feeds is higher than conventional feeds. Based on current organic feed prices and feed efficiency of approximately 4 lb feed/gain, the breakeven cost of production was calculated to be $55/cwt live.

Keywords: ASL R1679

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Becker, J. M., Honeyman, M. S. & Kliebenstein, J. B., (2000) “Organic Pork Production: A Two-litter Pasture Farrow-to-Finish Budget”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2000
Peer Reviewed