Comparison of Inedible Egg Product and Spray-Dried Plasma as Sources of Protein for Weanling Pigs

  • B. W. James (Iowa State University)
  • J. C. Sparks (Iowa State University)
  • M. H. Jurgens (Iowa State University)
  • D. R. Zimmerman (Iowa State University)


Pigs were weaned at approximately 18 days of age and fed diets containing inedible egg product, spray-dried plasma (SDP), or the combination of both for 2 weeks postweaning. They then received a common diet for an additional 2 weeks after the treatment period. The impact of these dietary ingredients on growth performance was evaluated.

Inedible egg product did not improve growth or feed efficiency of pigs compared with those fed the control diet during the 2-week treatment period. However, SDP increased body weight gain and feed efficiency during the treatment period. The improved performance over the control group that resulted from feeding a combination of SDP and egg product was primarily dependent upon the SDP. In the third week, a trend occurred for improved performance of pigs fed the egg product compared with those fed 4% SDP; however, the difference was not significant. During this same period, pigs previously fed SDP gained weight slower and consumed less feed than those that had not been fed SDP. Therefore, the response to SDP was partially lost when it was removed from the diet. In summary, the outcome of this study demonstrated that inedible egg product was an adequate source of protein for the weanling pig but did not provide measurable improvements over the control diet. Inedible egg product did not have an additive effect when combined with SDP. The improved feed efficiency associated with SDP resulted in increased weanling pig growth.

Keywords: ASL R1658

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James, B. W., Sparks, J. C., Jurgens, M. H. & Zimmerman, D. R., (2000) “Comparison of Inedible Egg Product and Spray-Dried Plasma as Sources of Protein for Weanling Pigs”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2000
Peer Reviewed