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Addition of Thirteen Genes to the Porcine Comparative Gene Map Reveals New Regions of Conserved Synteny

  • S. Marklund (Iowa State University)
  • Z. L. Hu (Iowa State University)
  • N. J. Larsen (Iowa State University)
  • K. A. Kelly (Iowa State University)
  • G. R. Bertani (Iowa State University)
  • K. S. Kim (Iowa State University)
  • M. Malek (Iowa State University)
  • J. Seifert (Iowa State University)
  • C. K. Tuggle (Iowa State University)
  • Max F. Rothschild (Iowa State University)


Thirteen genes were mapped to the porcine genome by using either linkage mapping of the PiGMaP families (eight genes) or typing of a porcine somatic cell hybrid panel (12 genes). The genes were chosen from interesting locations in the human genome. The physical gene assignments to pig chromosomes (SSC) with corresponding human chromosome (HSA) locations include the following: FGF7 (HSA15), MADH4 (HSA18), and MC4R (HSA18) to SSC1, RXRB (HSA6), and SSTR1 (HSA14) to SSC7, UCP1 (HSA4) to SSC8, PGR (HSA11) to SSC9, TTN (HSA2) and ANT1 (HSA4) to SSC15, GRIA1 (HSA5) to SSC16, AR (HSA-X), and GRIA3 (HSA-X) to SSC-X. Additionally, CD59 (HSA11) was linkage mapped to SSC2. The majority of the assignments confirm results from bidirectional chromosome painting (4). A rearrangement in gene order was detected within the region of correspondence between SSC1 and HSA15. Two assignments were made that were not expected from the painting results (MC4R and GRIA1) and one assignment of a gene from a region where the painting study was not informative (ANT1).

Keywords: ASL R1573

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Marklund, S., Hu, Z. L., Larsen, N. J., Kelly, K. A., Bertani, G. R., Kim, K. S., Malek, M., Seifert, J., Tuggle, C. K. & Rothschild, M. F., (1999) “Addition of Thirteen Genes to the Porcine Comparative Gene Map Reveals New Regions of Conserved Synteny”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 1999
Peer Reviewed