Management Economics

Gestating Sows in Deep-bedded Hoop Structures

  • Mark S. Honeyman (Iowa State University)
  • Jay D. Harmon (Iowa State University)
  • Don Lay (Iowa State University)
  • Tom Richard (Iowa State University)


A small demonstration sow herd has been housed during breeding and gestation in a deep-bedded hoop structure. Conception rates, number of pigs born alive, and birth weights were excellent. These results indicate that hoops provide a realistic alternative for housing gestating sows. A discussion of the decision considerations related to animal environment, sow behavior, bedding and manure, and feeding systems is included. Seven distinct floor plans are included. Hoop structures are a new, viable alternative housing system for gestating sows.

Keywords: ASL R1496

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Honeyman, M. S., Harmon, J. D., Lay, D. & Richard, T., (1998) “Gestating Sows in Deep-bedded Hoop Structures”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 1998
Peer Reviewed