Characterization of Finely Textured Lean Pork for Use in Processed Meats

  • Ying He (Iowa State University)
  • Joseph G. Sebranek (Iowa State University)


Lean finely textured pork (LFTP) is a low-fat protein source produced from fresh pork fatty trimmings. LFTP has similar protein and fat contents as lean meat, but is more economical for processed meat formulations. In order to recommend best utilization of this inexpensive meat ingredient, we studied the protein composition and functionality of LFTP. The protein composition of LFTP was different from that of muscle meats, containing more connective tissue proteins and less functional proteins. Difference in gelation characteristics of the proteins were shown to result in a soft texture and lower yield when used in frankfurters at 50% of the formulation. Addition of tripolyphosphate, kappa-carrageenan or isolated soy protein improved product stability. The softness produced by LFTP could be an advantage in very low-fat meat products where toughness and firmness are often a problem. The successful use of LFTP could improve economic returns to swine producers and reduce the cost of processed meat products to consumers

Keywords: ASL R1428

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He, Y. & Sebranek, J. G., (1997) “Characterization of Finely Textured Lean Pork for Use in Processed Meats”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 1997
Peer Reviewed