Management Economics

Thermal Performance of a Hoop Structure for Finishing Swine

  • Jay D. Harmon (Iowa State University)
  • Hongwei Xin (Iowa State University)


The hoop structure temperature response indicated that it did provide a 6 to 8oF temperature increase over the outside temperature during winter. Additional comfort could be provided by using straw or equivalent bedding. Summer temperature performance indicated only a slight increase in temperature over outside. These results suggest that starting pigs weighing less than 40 lbs. would probably be ill-advised during winter months. Additional information needs to be gathered on pig performance and other costs parameters to help farmers make informed decisions on the type of structure to use for finishing.

Keywords: ASL R1391

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Harmon, J. D. & Xin, H., (1997) “Thermal Performance of a Hoop Structure for Finishing Swine”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 1997
Peer Reviewed