Growth and Body Composition

Progress Report on Iowa State University Burroughs Endowment Activities

  • T. J. Knight (Iowa State University)
  • A. E. Wertz (Iowa State University)
  • D. C. Beitz (Iowa State University)


Faculty in the Department of Animal Science initiated soliciting of funds in 1987 to establish a permanent endowment to recognize the distinguished career and major contributions of Dr. Wise Burroughs, a distinguished professor in animal science at Iowa State University. The endowment was established in the Iowa State University Foundation in 1991. The purpose of the fund is to support research and graduate education in the areas of fundamental factors regulating growth in food-producing animals, with emphasis on ruminants; to enhance growth of animals with the goal of improving the competitive position of ruminants as food-producing animals; and to develop innovative approaches to ruminant nutrition and/or growth enhancement as a means to improve desirability of meat produced by food animals. Dr. Burroughs’ research resulted in important and significant developments in technology for modern production systems for beef cattle. He was widely known for his ability to communicate complex ideas and research results for use by those involved in the animal industry. The current Burroughs Team has established three research projects: 1) Ghrelin--How does ghrelin affect blood and body composition in rats?; 2) Use of 25- hydroxyvitamin D3 to improve tenderness of beef; 3) Redesigning beef cattle to have a more healthful fatty acid composition.

Keywords: ASL R1788

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Knight, T. J., Wertz, A. E. & Beitz, D. C., (2003) “Progress Report on Iowa State University Burroughs Endowment Activities”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2003
Peer Reviewed