Financial Management

Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) Summary for 1999-2000 Veterinary Medicine Students

  • Suelee Robbe (Iowa State University)
  • Daryl Strohbehn (Iowa State University)


Nine Iowa State University veterinary medical students completed SPA records on herds from Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. The Iowa herds were included in the SPA summary for Iowa, but the six North and South Dakota herds were summarized separately. These six herds had an average herd size of 371 cows and had a financial return to capital, labor and management of $175 per cow. Total financial cost per cow averaged $286 for these herds with a range of $211 to $388. Feed utilized averaged 4,442 pounds of dry matter per cow and the average pounds of calf produced per exposed female was 506 pounds.

Keywords: ASL R1751

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Robbe, S. & Strohbehn, D., (2002) “Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) Summary for 1999-2000 Veterinary Medicine Students”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 2002
Peer Reviewed