Feedlot Nutrition and Growth and Management

Evaluation of Synovex Plus, Synovex S and Revalor S Implants in Feedlot Steers

  • Allen Trenkle (Iowa State University)


One hundred forty-four crossbred yearling steers with an average weight of 841 pounds were used in a 116- day experiment. Steers received either 1) no implant, 2) Synovex S¨, 3) Revalor S¨, or 4) Synovex Plus¨. All implanted groups consumed more feed and gained faster and more efficiently than non-implanted steers. There were no significant differences in gain, feed intake or feed efficiency among implanted groups, though steers with the estrogen + trenbolone acetate combination implants were numerically superior to those implanted with Synovex S¨. There were no differences in feedlot performance between the two combination implants. Implants increased carcass weight with no significant effects on fat thickness or carcass quality grades. The combination implants containing trenbolone acetate increased ribeye area and increased masculinity of the carcasses. These results indicate Synovex Plus¨ is an effective implant for finishing steers.

Keywords: ASL R1453

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Trenkle, A., (1998) “Evaluation of Synovex Plus, Synovex S and Revalor S Implants in Feedlot Steers”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 1998
Peer Reviewed