Antibody Responses of Young Calves to Inactivated Viral Vaccines

  • Merlin L. Kaeberle (Iowa State University)
  • Ronald Sealock (Iowa State University)
  • Mark Honeyman (Iowa State University)


Three commercial inactivated virus vaccines were evaluated for immunogenicity in young calves with residual maternal antibodies. Groups of 30 calves were administered each of the vaccines at the start of the experimentation and were administered a second dose 32 days later. Serum was obtained from these calves and 30 calves in a nonvaccinated control group prior to vaccination and at 32, 61, 99 and 125 days thereafter. Antibody responses to viruses in two of the vaccines were extremely limited. The third vaccine overcame suppression by maternal antibodies and elicited responses clearly differentiated from antibody levels in the control group of calves.

Keywords: ASL R1462

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Kaeberle, M. L., Sealock, R. & Honeyman, M., (1998) “Antibody Responses of Young Calves to Inactivated Viral Vaccines”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 1998
Peer Reviewed