Breeding and Genetics

A Project to Develop Genetic Specification for the Beef Industry

  • D. E. Wilson (Iowa State University)
  • G. H. Rouse (Iowa State University)
  • R. L. Willham (Iowa State University)


A new beef breeding project will be conducted at the Rhodes and McNay farms of ISU. The project will use the field data of the American Angus Association along with the research resources (cattle) of the farms to study questions that will enhance the genetic investigations using the field data. It will build on the expertise developed at ISU with ultrasound to measure body composition in the live animal and in the carcass. Two selection lines, using registered Angus obtained as heifers and through ET, of 200 females each will be selected for increased intramuscular fat (Q line) and for increased retail product (R line). The estimation of the genetic correlation between quality and amount of product can best be accomplished through the study of one generation of selection using measures of body composition derived from ultrasound. A progeny test herd will be maintained to evaluate all sires used through progeny carcass testing and to further research with ultrasound. The project will study efficiency of body maintenance. Results will be shared through the Beef Improvement Federation to benefit all producers in the development of sound programs to profitably produce specified beef products.

Keywords: ASL R1442

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Wilson, D. E., Rouse, G. H. & Willham, R. L., (1998) “A Project to Develop Genetic Specification for the Beef Industry”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 1998
Peer Reviewed