Body Composition Evaluation

Using Real-Time Ultrasound During the Feeding Period to Predict Cattle Composition.

  • T. M. Delehant (Iowa State University)
  • G. R. Dahlke (Iowa State University)
  • M. P. Hoffman (Iowa State University)
  • J. C. Iiams (Iowa State University)
  • G. H. Rouse (Iowa State University)
  • D. E. Wilson (Iowa State University)


A feedlot trial to monitor ribeye area growth, 12th rib backfat, and intramuscular fat accretion was conducted. Data were collected using 112 yearling beef steers. The steers were fed at three intake levels (ad libitum, 95% of ad libitum, or 90% of ad libitum), which when combined with three feeding times (once daily in the morning, once daily in the afternoon, or twice daily), produced nine dietary treatments. Feedlot performance and carcass composition of beef steers was also determined. After analysis of ultrasound measures and animal performance data, equations were developed that described the ribeye area development (R2 = .97), 12th rib fat accretion (R2 = .81), and changes in intramuscular fat percentage (R2 = .79).

Keywords: ASL R1433

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Delehant, T. M., Dahlke, G. R., Hoffman, M. P., Iiams, J. C., Rouse, G. H. & Wilson, D. E., (1998) “Using Real-Time Ultrasound During the Feeding Period to Predict Cattle Composition.”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 1998
Peer Reviewed