Body Composition Evaluation

Validation of a Model for Prediction of Percent Intramuscular Fat on Live Feedlot Cattle

  • A. Hassen (Iowa State University)
  • Gene H. Rouse (Iowa State University)
  • Doyle E. Wilson (Iowa State University)
  • Allen Trenkle (Iowa State University)
  • Richard L. Willham (Iowa State University)
  • Deborah Beliele (Iowa State University)
  • Catherine Crawley (Iowa State University)


A prediction model from a previous study was utilized to evaluate the degree of fit when this model is applied to an independent data set. The degree of fit was evaluated using means, regression analysis, correlation coefficient, distribution of residuals, and mean square error of prediction (MSEP). The model provided a reasonably accurate prediction of intramuscular fat with a mean bias of 0.13%. For 47.1% of the steers, percent intramuscular fat was predicted within ± 0.5%, and for 77.6% of the steers, prediction of percent intramuscular fat was made within ± 1%. Pearson product moment correlation between predicted and actual percent intramuscular fat was 0.74 (p < .01), and the square root of MSEP indicated a prediction error of 0.9%.

Keywords: ASL R1328

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Hassen, A., Rouse, G. H., Wilson, D. E., Trenkle, A., Willham, R. L., Beliele, D. & Crawley, C., (1997) “Validation of a Model for Prediction of Percent Intramuscular Fat on Live Feedlot Cattle”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 1(1).

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Published on
01 Jan 1997
Peer Reviewed