Supplementation of Beef Cows Grazing Corn Stalk Residue: A Demonstration

  • Byron Leu (Iowa State University)
  • Daniel D. Loy (Iowa State University)
  • H. Joseph Sellers (Iowa State University)


Controlling feed costs is imperative for cow-calf producers to remain cost-competitive. During fall and early winter, these projected costs can be significantly reduced by utilizing cornstalks. By effectively grazing corn residues, Iowa cow-calf producers have the opportunity to extend the grazing season and reduce winter feed costs. The ISU distillers’ dry grain (DDG) supplementation demonstration suggests that pregnant beef cows utilizing a strip-grazed system with appropriate supplementation can maintain their body condition scores (BCS) during challenging weather conditions. The supplemented group maintained a 5.7 BCS and the control group lost 0.3 BCS during the 49-day demonstration. The DDG supplemented system was projected to be more cost-competitive ($18.82 per head advantage) than the continuous grazed control group.

Keywords: ASL R2504

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Leu, B., Loy, D. D. & Sellers, H. J., (2010) “Supplementation of Beef Cows Grazing Corn Stalk Residue: A Demonstration”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 7(1). doi:

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Published on
01 Jan 2010
Peer Reviewed