Progress Report: Projecting Weights within Lot Scales

  • Daryl R. Strohbehn (Iowa State University)
  • Garland Dahlke (Iowa State University)
  • W. Darrell Busby (Iowa State University)
  • Shawn Shouse (Iowa State University)
  • Dallas L. Maxwell (Iowa State University)


A total of 660 head of calves, yearlings and finished cattle at two locations were involved in evaluating the relationship between front end weight and whole body weights. A stepwise linear regression model utilizing front end weight, animal sex and cattle type (calf, yearling, finished) predicted whole body weight with an r2 of .959. If an electronic identification system can be developed to work in concert with a digital scale system for recording front end weights at a water fountain, it may be possible to monitor weight and gain, therefore, allowing for sorting market ready cattle.

Keywords: ASL R2283

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Strohbehn, D. R., Dahlke, G., Busby, W. D., Shouse, S. & Maxwell, D. L., (2008) “Progress Report: Projecting Weights within Lot Scales”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 5(1). doi:

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Published on
01 Jan 2008
Peer Reviewed