Transforming a Milking Parlor at Low Cost—Developing Dairy in Iowa

  • Larry Tranel (Iowa State University)


As dairy operators look for ways to make milking easier, some may feel that a modern parlor is not within their budget. However, an up-to-date milking parlor can be an option for every Iowa dairy producer. With relatively lowcost remodeling and retrofitting, old stall barns and parlors can be cost effectively transformed into modern milking parlors when properly designed, installed, and operated. Iowa State University Dairy Extension has been a leader in this area, from many parlor tours and events to showcase options for dairy producers and the industry, to the development of excellent quality written and visual media to assess / properly construct a Trans Iowa Low Cost parlor. The goal of Trans Iowa Low Cost Parlor Design is to “transform” the dairy industry by making the milking parlor option available to every dairy operator’s budget situation. Information can be found at: http:// www.extension.iastate.edu/dairyteam, ISU Extension publication PM 2033, or contacting author.

Keywords: ASL R2314

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Tranel, L., (2008) “Transforming a Milking Parlor at Low Cost—Developing Dairy in Iowa”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 5(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ans_air-180814-189

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Published on
01 Jan 2008
Peer Reviewed