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Fate of Listeria Monocytogenes in Ready-to-Eat Turkey Breast Rolls Formulated with Antimicrobials Following e-beam Radiation

  • Meijun J. Zhu (Iowa State University)
  • Aubrey F. Mendonca (Iowa State University)
  • Hesham A. Ismail (Iowa State University)
  • Dong U. Ahn (Iowa State University)


D10 values for breast rolls with various additive treatments ranged from 0.56 to 0.58 kGy. Adding potassium benzoate (PB, 0.1%) or sodium lactate (SL, 2%) in turkey rolls failed to prevent L. monocytogenes from growing during refrigerated storage. In turkey rolls added with two (PB+SL or SL+ SDA (sodium diacetate)) or three (PB+SL+SDA) antimicrobial combinations had 2 or 3 weeks of lag phases before L. monocytogenes growth, respectively. Irradiating turkey rolls, which were added with PB+SL or SL+SDA, at 1.0 kGy was effective in suppressing the growth of L. monocytogenes for about six weeks when stored at 4 °C. No growth of L. monocytogenes after irradiation occurred during 42 d storage for 2.0 kGy irradiated breast rolls formulated with 0.1%PB+2%SL, 2%SL+0.1%SDA or 0.1% PB+2% SL+0.1%SDA, and 1.0 kGy irradiated turkey breast with 0.1% PB + 2% SL + 0.1% SDA. Sensory panelists found that low-dose irradiation (1.0 kGy) had no effect on the sensory characteristics of RTE turkey breast rolls. Including SL+SDA had slightly negative effect for nonirradiated turkey breast rolls, but the sensory characteristics of 1.0 kGy irradiated turkey roll containing SL+SDA was not significantly different from the others receiving 1.0kGy irradiation.

For microbial safety, PB+SL and SL+ SDA antimicrobial treatments combined with 1.0 kGy or 2.0 kGy irradiation are a promising technology. In conclusion, a combination of physical and chemical antimicrobial intervention offers better inhibitory effect on the growth of L. monocytogenes in RTE turkey breast than that of single intervention. Considering benzene production from turkey rolls containing PB, SL+SDA is more suitable than PB+SL to ensure the L. monocytogenes safety of RTE turkey rolls.

Keywords: ASL R2262

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Zhu, M. J., Mendonca, A. F., Ismail, H. A. & Ahn, D. U., (2008) “Fate of Listeria Monocytogenes in Ready-to-Eat Turkey Breast Rolls Formulated with Antimicrobials Following e-beam Radiation”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 5(1). doi:

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Published on
01 Jan 2008
Peer Reviewed