Drinker to Nursery Pigs Ratio: Effects on Drinking Behavior and Performance

  • Larry J. Sadler (Iowa State University)
  • Jill R. Garvey (Iowa State University)
  • Tony J. Uhlenkamp (Iowa State University)
  • Ciara J. Jackson (Iowa State University)
  • Kenneth J. Stalder (Iowa State University)
  • Anna K. Johnson (Iowa State University)
  • Locke A. Karriker (Iowa State University)
  • Roy A. Edler (Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica)
  • J. Tyler Holck (Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica)
  • Paul R. DuBois (Cargill Pork)


The effect of pig ratio to cup waterers was evaluated to determine changes on pig drinking behavior and performance. Ratios of 1:25 (treatment 1), 1:12 (treatment 2), and 1:8 (treatment 3) were studied. Treatment 3 drank more frequently than those provide with one or two cup waterers per pen. There was a trend for pigs provided 2 or 3 cup waterers in a pen to have increased average daily gains. While further research is needed to quantify and confirm these findings, a nursery providing a ratio closer to published guidelines may lead to increase performance.

Keywords: ASL R2335

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Sadler, L. J., Garvey, J. R., Uhlenkamp, T. J., Jackson, C. J., Stalder, K. J., Johnson, A. K., Karriker, L. A., Edler, R. A., Holck, J. T. & DuBois, P. R., (2008) “Drinker to Nursery Pigs Ratio: Effects on Drinking Behavior and Performance”, Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 5(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.31274/ans_air-180814-704

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Published on
01 Jan 2008
Peer Reviewed